AOA - June 29, 2022


On Wednesday, AOA kicked off with Chris Bliley discussing the changes under consideration at the California Air Resources Board; Chris is the Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with Growth Energy. In segment 2, Mike discussed the battle over inflation between states and the Federal Reserve. Todd Neeley, DTN Reporter, joined the show in segment 3 to give us an "ag in the courts" update and we ended the show with David Widmar, ag economist with Agricultural Economic Insights on the demand destruction story that he sees developing in the corn market.

Recognize ATV and UTV Safety Risks


ATVs cause more than 100,000 injuries each year and too many children are hurt. Learn how you can support safe equipment operation on and off the farm.


AOA - June 28, 2022


Tuesday's AOA began with Dan Hueber of Reding Hueber Ag Consultants discussing his expectations for Thursday's USDA reports and the cause of today's "Turnaround Tuesday" in the grain market. We also spoke with Darren Dohme, Managing Partner at the Powerline Group, about the ongoing price and supply concerns in the crude oil market, as well as the expectations of higher prices for natural gas as the calendar turns to fall. We ended the show with Marsha Boswell of Kansas Wheat discussing the pace of harvest across that state.

AOA - June 27, 2022


AOA kicked off the week with Dennis Smith of Archer Financial Services looking at Friday's Cattle on Feed report and the expectations for cattle feeders as we get deeper in to summer. Then, John Baranick of DTN Weather outlined his expectations of milder weather this week, though he had some concerns about developing dryness in the corn belt. And we also spoke with Jacqui Fatka, Policy Editor at Farm Progress about the House Ag appropriation vote and whether or not it actually matters. And we ended by recapping the work under discussion by the G7 leaders this week in Europe to establish an oil price cap for Russia

AOA - June 24, 2022


Friday's AOA began with Paul Bleiberg, NMPF SVP Government Affairs, discussed the recent testimony before the House Ag Committee on dairy policy in the '23 Farm Bill. Then, author and researcher Kurt Cobb talked about the rapidly decreasing supply of helium globally and the impact that could have on the world economy. In Segment 3, Tim Blubaugh, EVP at the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association spent time on the impacts of EPA's proposed NOx mitigation plans; and we ended the show with Garrett Toay of Ag Trader Talk on the turnaround in grain prices after yesterday's selloff.

AOA - June 23, 2022


Thursday's AOA began with Brian Splitt of AgMarket.Net discussing the meltdown happening today in the grain markets and his team's expectations for next Thursday's Final Acreage report. For segment 2, Tanner Breymer, Senior Director of Government Affairs at NCBA, recapped yesterday's Senate Ag Committee mark ups on both the Cattle Market Price Discovery and Transparency Bill and the Meat and Poultry Special Investigator bill. In Segment 3, Nicolas Sullivan, author of "Blue Harvest" talked about the challenges facing the US marine aquaculture industry and the legislation pending in Congress about it. The show closed with Mike Steenhoek of the Soy Transportation Coalition discussing the impacts of a gas tax holiday on both farmers and infrastructure spending.

AOA - June 22, 2022


Wednesday's AOA began with Ed Vallee, Decision Support Meteorologist with Atmospheric G2, discussing the impacts of the drought out west and the potential for some cooler weather across the nation's midsection next week. Then, Scott Richman, Chief Economist with Renewable Fuels Association spent time discussing the re-emergence of the Food Vs. Fuel debate in the media and provided some facts to keep in mind about that issue. And in segment 3, Naomi Blohm of Total Farm Marketing recapped some of the factors that are moving money in the broader economy, and what she's expecting for commodity prices over the summer. Plus, the White House submits a brief to the Supreme Court, arguing that Prop 12 should not be upheld.

Early Calf Weaning Strategies During Drought


Early weaning reduces daily forage consumption, which can help beef producers manage cow-calf operation needs more effectively during drought conditions. Learn how to achieve early weaning success from CHS animal nutritionist Cory Parsons.


AOA - June 21, 2022


Today's AOA was brought to you by Agrauxine by Lesaffe, as they kick off their BioPerformance Week in Cedar Rapids. Hugo Bony, CEO of Agrauxine, spoke first about the global changes in the biosolutions space and the role of Agrauxine in bringing new technology to farmers. Chris Thrasher, Director of Agrauxine North America, spoke in segment 2 about the different ways biologicals are in use throughout ag, and what Agrauxine brings to the table. In Segment 3, Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson, Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee discussed the current proposed measures to address inflation and the upcoming hearing on the Dairy sections of the Farm Bill. And the show wrapped with Jason Ellsworth, Organic Portfolio Manager at Wilbur Ellis about how customers on the ground have utilized biosolutions.

AOA - June 20, 2022


The ag futures markets were closed this Monday for the Junteenth Holiday, but energy markets were still active and Darin Newsom of spent time discussing the volatility from last week and the outlook for energy over the summer. And this summer could be a hot one, indeed! John Baranick of DTN joined the show in segment 2 to discuss the heat inbound across the country this week and the risks that it persists for longer. Then, Jacqui Fatka, policy editor at Farm Progress provided an update on the Farm Bill hearing that happened last week in Arkansas and edicts from the EPA that could reduce then number of crop protection tools farmers have available. Plus, WV pushes back on a financial system it thinks is turning it's back on coal, and restaurants see more people dining out, but also see more complaints about slow service.

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