Adams on Agriculture - July 23, 2021


Mike Adams reports live from Farm Progress!

Adams on Agriculture - July 22, 2021


Thursday on AOA NPPC’s Jack Detiveaux discusses the need for ag labor reform, AFBF’s Veronica Nigh looks at ag concerns with a carbon border tariff proposal, Stone X economist Arlan Suderman looks at market reaction to weather concerns and Nebraska soybean farmer Greg Anderson gives a crop update.

Adams on Agriculture-July 21, 2021


Wednesday on AOA Partners for Production Agriculture economist Steve Meyer gives his thoughts on government proposals to fund small meat packing plants, DTN lead analyst Todd Hultman discusses crop production concerns and North Dakota farmer Kevin Scunes gives a crop update.

Dissecting Diesel Fuels


Renewable diesel and biodiesel are both eligible for low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs. What’s the difference between the two? Here’s a primer.


Adams on Agriculture-July 20, 2021


Tuesday on AOA NCBA’s Scott Yager discusses a recent court ruling and it’s impact on potential changes to WOTUS, Rabo AgriFinance analyst Steve Nicholson looks at crop conditions and their impact on market prices and Ohio farmer Cy Prettyman reports good crop conditions in the Buckeye state.

Adams on Agriculture - July 19, 2021


Monday on AOA DTN meteorologist John Baranick looks at the weather extremes across the country, USB director Tom Oswald discusses the project funding process and decisions made at last week’s summer meeting and Kansas Wheat CEO Justin Gilpin reviews this year’s wheat harvest.

Adams on Agriculture - July 16, 2021


Friday on AOA Missouri Farm Bureau broadband consultant Janie Dunning discusses efforts and challenges to increasing rural broadband coverage, AEM’s Curt Blades gives the latest ag equipment sales numbers, RFA’s Geoff Cooper discusses legislation introduced to protect year round E 15 sales and’s Matt Bennett discusses marketing plans with production questions.

Adams on Agriculture - July 15, 2021


Thursday on AOA NCBA’s Ethan Lane explains concerns with proposed legislation threatening livestock production, Stone X economist Arlan Suderman discusses production, demand and inflation and NMPF’s Claudia Larson explains the importance of an amendment to the H 2A visa program.

Adams on Agriculture - July 14, 2021


Wednesday on AOA R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard discusses USDA funding for small meat processors and possible changes for meat labels, DTN lead analyst Todd Hultman gives his market outlook and future China demand and ASA CEO Steve Censky discusses proposals and process for implementing Presidential executive orders.

Adams on Agriculture-July 13, 2021


Tuesday on AOA NCBA’s Tanner Beymer discusses USDA’s plan for funding small meat processing plants and NPPC’s Michael Formica updates the challenge to California’s Prop 12.

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