AOA - May 19, 2022


Thursday's AOA began with a conversation with Lance Knudsen, North Dakota farmer and businessman about the extent of Red River Valley flooding and the adjustments he's making in his operation to manage costs. Karl Setzer, of Agrivisor, joined the show next to discuss export sales and the ongoing wheat selloff. In segment three, Iowa's senior Senator Charles Grassley provided an update on the legislation currently pending to address inflation and the upcoming nomination vote for Alexis Taylor at USDA. We ended today's show with Shawn Clark of Cenex with some helpful tips on keeping your machinery running at peak efficiency this planting season.

AOA - May 18, 2022


Wednesday, on AOA; Ranking Republican on the House Ag Committee Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson joined the show to discuss the pending oversight of cryptocurrency from the Ag Committee. In segment 2, Scott Richman, Chief Economist with the Renewable Fuels Association discussed the surging profit margins for oil companies. Then, Arlan Suderman, Chief Commodities Economist with StoneX shared his insights on the selloff in the wheat market. To close the show, Kam Quarles, CEO of the National Potato Council celebrated the return of fresh US potatoes to the Mexican market.

AOA - May 17, 2022


Tuesday, on AOA: Peter Orwick, Executive Director of the American Sheep Industry Association discussed the challenges in the wool market and strong consumer demand for lamb. Then, Corey Rosenbusch, CEO of The Fertilizer Institute, outlined several policy actions that the Biden administration could do immediately to make the US fertilizer industry more resilient. Then Quill Robinson, VP of Government Affairs with the American Conservation Coalition, explored the newly announced Office of Environmental Justice at the DOJ, and looked to common sense ways to improve the environment. And Chris Swift, of Swift Trading Company, closed out the show with a look at the cattle markets heading in to the key summer demand months.

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AOA - May 16, 2022


Monday's AOA began with Darin Newsom, of sharing his insights on the meteoric rise in wheat futures over the past 5 days - war, weather, and wanting a hedge against inflation are all moving that market higher. John Baranick of DTN Weather joined the show in segment two; he reviewed the weather issues happening around the world, and focused on what to expect across the United States this week. Then, Jacqui Fatka, Policy Editor at Farm Progress discussed Friday's announcement of two new nominations for USDA Undersecretary posts - Alexis Taylor to be USDA Undersecretary of Trade and Stacey Dean as Undersecretary of Food and Nutrition. Both lauded by ag groups.

AOA - May 13, 2022


On Friday's show, Jim Sutter, CEO of the US Soybean Export Council, discussed the anniversary of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement and the gains that US soy have made in the global export market. DuWayne Bosse of Bolt Marketing joined the show in segment 2 to discuss the impact of USDA's WASDE report yesterday and some of the surprises that popped up on that report. And Dan Pfieffer, VP of Governmen Affairs at Itron talked about the current interpretation of the Buy American rules imposed by the federal government on infrastructure projects and how they could be modified. In segment four, Richard Ristvedt, Farm and Ranch Reporter with the American Ag Network provided an update on the flooding through the Red River Valley of the North.  

AOA - May 12, 2022


Thursday's AOA began with Mike Steenhoek of the Soy Transportation Coalition providing an update on rail, ocean freight, and truck shipping supply chains. Then, Emerson Sprick, Labor Policy Analyst with the Bipartisan Policy Center discussed the upward pace of wages throughout the economy and where things could go from here; Lia Biondo, Exec Vice President with the US Cattlemen's Association shared that organizations perspective on both the Senate and House Ag Committee Hearings on the state of the cattle market and their legislative hopes through the summer. And we ended the show with Rich Guebert, Illinois Farm Bureau President about his interactions yesterday with President Biden and Secretary Vilsack at a Kankakee, IL farm.

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AOA - May 11, 2022


Wednesday's AOA began with a review of the inflation data dropped by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning with Curt Covington, Senior Director of Institutional Lending with Ag America Lending. We discussed how lenders are feeling headed in to planting season and what his expectations are for interest rates as we go through the next few years. In segment 2, Will Loux, VP of Global Economic Affairs with the US Dairy Export Council, outlined how the dairy herd is changing around the world, and what that could mean for US producers as they plan for the future. And then Arlan Suderman, Chief Commodity Economist with StoneX joined the show to review the CPI numbers and their impact on money flow in the ag commodities, and what he's expecting to see on tomorrows USDA Supply and Demand Estimates report.

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